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Sick to be waiting on the line to be attended  by a butcher in our local Meat Market and prying for him chose a good ribeye for our Sunday BBQ we decided to innovate. Its time to get this process quicker and much more personalized.

We cut all our Steaks here, and they are ALWAYS FRESH! Don't fall for this new "Frozen is Better" thing. There is nothing better than a FRESH STEAK.


 You are invited to pick your own steaks or ask our Butchers to cut something exactly like you like. We are here to create the best experience ever! Don't be shame you can order anything here!

In our shop you will find quality beef with real USDA labeling. Here USDA Prime is REAL PRIME. You will discover here that good quality USDA Choice can be a really good Steak.

For those who love meat like we do, you will find here the best Steaks in the Whole World. Even our Japanese A5 is FRESH, Full Blood Australian Wagyu, American Wagyu, Ibérico Pork and much more 

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